Monday, August 29, 2011

Days 69,70,71 August 24, 25, 26 2011 And we thought the worst was over!

It feels good to be in a site we'll be able to stay in for the rest of the traveling time!  No more set ups and take downs.  Now we can just nest and get ready for our grandsons visit.

On Wednesday, I decided to get the laundry done, wax the camper floor and generally get organized.  I was able to get to the Library to get Internet, also.  It's a very good day.

Ed went for a hike.  He loves this area and can always find a hike that is interesting and good exercise at the same time.  This particular hike is pretty steep, but has lots of caves and tunnels to crawl through, so he was 'checking it out' for when the boys come.

On Thursday it was much of the same.  The pace is good.  I have a couple paperbacks to tide me over till Pam comes with the Kindle on Monday.  We have a new neighbor next to us.  A mom in her 30's and 2 tween and teen kids.  There's a little bit of yelling and quite a few F bombs being thrown around.  Not too pleasant.  Wonder how long they'll stay?

On Friday, Ed takes an ambitious hike.  Very steep.  The map says it's 2 miles (4 miles round trip) but it's actually 2.7 miles.  Ed gets back a little later and more tired then expected, but feeling good that his knee let him complete it pain free!

I finished shopping on Friday and was reading the paper back at our Camp Site when the Camp Host came to visit.  He had bad news.  Hurricane Irene is coming this weekend and the Federal Government has issued a Mandatory Evacuation of all of the Campgrounds. WHATTTT?????  That's absurd!  I just bought lots of goodies, newspapers and wine in anticipation of the rain and wind, but we're in the mountains.  How can we really be affected?  Now what?

We are scheduled to visit our friends Tom and Louise at her cabin on Lake Wentworth on Saturday.  Ed decided to ask if there is any chance we can just stay over till we can get back in the campground.  They are very gracious and say yes.  We can't believe they will keep us out of the campground until Tuesday morning, but just in case, it's nice to know we'll have a roof over our head.

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