Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 43---July 30, 2011 Have I told you how grateful I am?

I was reviewing my blog, the Followers who have joined my Blog, and the comments I have received by e-mail from many of you. I am overwhelmed and grateful!

I have never been comfortable writing.  Ed and Pam are the writers in our family.  They can describe things perfectly and can conjure up lots of images when they write.  I'm a fact driven person.  No nonsense...just the facts.  I've always been in awe when getting Christmas letters, especially from my high school friend Linda Loboda Seibert Pedersen.  They take up three detailed pages of all that has happened in her family and to her during the year.  If I even tried to make up one of those letters--no matter how much I love getting them--it wouldn't even make up a paragraph!  I always said I just lead a boring life!

When we started on our summer travels 10 summers ago, Ed is the one who would send awesome e-mails to our family and friends.  They were creative, interesting and sometimes even profound.  Our son Ed even made up a 'book' of these e-mails as a present one Christmas that Dad treasures.  I certainly had no interest in competing with that.

For some reason, last summer I decided to simply write about our 'every day living' in a camper.  I found it fun and was really not intimidated by that type of writing.  I sent it by e-mail each time I wrote one and probably clogged up some people's e-mail boxes that couldn't really care about what we were doing on a day to day basis.  I decided to try the Blogger route this summer.  I think it is probably a better process.  I know the people who care,  will either become a Follower or check in on the Blog occasionally.  Those who don't, won't be intruded upon.

What surprised me most, are some of the people who are 'following' me.  Even three of my young nieces are followers!  I am honored.  Thank you.

And to all of you who are, and have been, encouraging me to careful what you wish for:)

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