Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 47--Wednesday August 3, 2011 Travel day to Umbagog State Park, Errol, NH

Well, I think we have seen the last of civilization for awhile.  While Dolly Copp is 5 miles from the things that I like, I don't think I have that luxury with our next stop.

We get up after a rainy night and pack the camper.  No rush again.  It's less the 2 hours away.  We decide not to have breakfast before we leave but to stop along the way to have Brunner (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) so I don't have to cook tonight.  I like those days.  Also we'll go food shopping for the week.

At least that's what we THOUGHT we were going to do.  Who knew there would be no place to eat between Gorham and Errol NH?  We even went through Bethel, Maine to get there.  I thought for sure we would find a decent restaurant there.  No such luck.  They must be the reverse of the Cape---busy in the winter with skiers and then close down in the summer.

It rains on and off while driving.  The weather has been odd the last few days.  It's sunny, then storm clouds go by, a pouring rain comes and then it clears up.  More fickle then Cape Cod!

As we travel I check our phones.  Sure enough, service is gone.  I'll turn mine off until at least our next stop maybe longer.

Beach at Umbagog Campground
We arrive at Umbagog Campground and remember that we were here once before.  A few years ago when we traveled a lot in New York State we stopped by here late in the day (thinking it was SOOO out of the way that no one would be here!) to find it full.

Umbagog Campground is right on Umbagog Lake, which is part of the Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge and is also a New Hampshire state park.  It lies in the towns of Errol, New Hampshire, and Upton, Maine. This is one of the most pristine lakes in the State of New Hampshire. The name Umbagog is said to come from the Abenaki Indian word for "shallow water".

Views over Umbagog Lake
The lake is beautiful!  And I think this place is going to be alright.

Our site is small (as they all are) but we can see the lake through the trees and we can hear the Loons.  The site has electricity and water.  They have showers and flush toilets.  They sell ice. And the BEST part is you can purchase Internet for the week!!  At $25.00 it's a bargain.  I will save a fortune in gas going to the next town to find it!  So even though we don't have cell service, we have the Internet!  Write to me:)

Once we were set up, we decided to head to town for groceries.  The center of Errol is about 7 miles away.  They do not have a supermarket, bank, Laundromat, or library.  For that you need to go to Colbrook, NH another 20 miles away or so.  They do, however, have a restaurant that was pretty good.  Not many people at 2 pm but they have big signs welcoming bikers so I'm sure it gets hopping at some time. 

They also have Errol's General Store.  So we go shopping.  Hopefully, we will rely on the fish that Ed will be catching this week for dinner, but we stock up with eggs , bacon, chips and wine.  That's all I need.

We come back to the camp site, put things away, and Ed goes fishing and I get to play on the computer.  Just the kind of day I like.

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