Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 62 & 63 Wednesday August 17, 2011--Thursday August 18, 2011

The sun did come out today!!
It's a beautiful day.  Clear and comfortable with lots of sunshine.  Ed decided to put the Kayak in the water and go fishing.  Looks like a beautiful lake to do that in.  I'm heading to town for the usual:  Internet, food shopping and laundry.

Suds & Sizzle
Rangeley has the nicest Laundromat I have ever been in!  A cute little log cabin that this picture doesn't do justice to.  Now it has American flags and pots of flowers on the porch!  Very sweet!  And it's a Tanning Salon if you want to have something to do while your laundry drys!  It's called the Suds & Sizzle!

On Wednesday night we were able to sit down by the water for sunset!  Very nice.  Hopefully, tonight will go as well.

On Thursday, Ed decides to ride his bike into town and meet up at the Library.  Now, it has to be at least 10 miles one way from our campsite to the Library!  Looks like a lot of up hill to me, too.  I wouldn't do it!

I'll spend Thursday afternoon balancing checking account and credit card statements.  Always makes me feel productive when I do that!

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