Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 68 August 23, 2011 Hope it's a better day!

Ed awoke early.  Much earlier then I wanted to get up.  We each take a shower and have to wait for everything to open before we know what we're going to do.

We take advantage of the FREE Continental Breakfast offered by the hotel.  I simply lost my appetite and decided to wait for lunch.

By 8 am we are back in the hotel room watching early morning shows.  I finally suggested that Ed drive over to the large RV place he left 2 messages for yesterday to see if they will be able to be of help today fixing the camper.

Ed arrives back an hour later.  We're on the road.  They are unable to help but did give Ed a couple of suggestions.  One that he called said they would be willing to take a look at the camper.  The ONLY place that was even willing to look.  It's about an hour away, so we are on our way back to the campground.  Ed has decided we are cancelling our reservation at this campground (I don't think he was looking forward to chatting with John for a week), bringing the camper to be looked at and will decide what we do from there.

We are off to Ray's Marina & RV Sales in Milton, NH.  It takes us past Tom & Shelly's area and Tom and Louise's area and Doug and Annie's area.  Sure wish someone was around to visit! A mechanic spoke to Ed right away about what the problem was.  He was a young guy and seemed to understand what it probably was.  He told us to leave the camper.  He would take a look at it after lunch.  He would probably have to take the roof off to get at the cable area--no access from the outside.  The cost was $100 an hour for labor and if they needed parts they could probably get them within a day or so.

That's all we could do.  If it took 10 hours, we would be just out of luck.  We are over a barrel!

We decide to go to lunch at the Poor People's Pub in Sanbornville, NH.  It was good.  Then we decided to go sit on the dock of our friend Louise's 'cabin'.  It sure is a beautiful spot!  We just hung out watching the water and mountains for awhile when the cell phone rang. 

They fixed it!  No discussion of the cost yet, but since it was only there for about 3 hours, we're hoping!

Wow!  We pick up the camper.  The cost:  $100.00!  You got to love that business!  They could have charged us ANYTHING!  Apparently, the chain just got tangled around it self due to being turned too much.  Looks like it was my fault!  When I put it down, I always like to see the cover go down as far as possible.  They say that is not a good idea.  You don't have to tell me twice!

Now, where are we going to go camping?  After talking about it, we decide to go the Covered Bridge CG in the White Mountains--where we have a reservation starting next Monday.  Perhaps, if there are any decent sites open, we can just set ourselves up and then transfer the reservation to that site.  That would mean we wouldn't have to take the chance of not getting it back up again before we get home!  Just a thought!  I guess Ed is thinking the same way, so it's off to Covered Bridge in Conway, NH.

We decided on site 18.  It's flat, wooded nicely and large enough for both our camper and a tent when our daughter comes to visit next week.  I think we'll be fine here.

Boy, am I glad that trauma is over!  Now we can relax again!


  1. Glad you guys are up and running again! Hope you are buckling down somewhere before the hurricane comes?

  2. We're at Covered Bridge Campground near the end of the Kangamangus highway. Covered by trees, so if it's very windy it might get interesting. I'm buying lots of goodies and alcohol today and we'll plan on playing Scrabble and cards! Pam and the boys arrive for a few days on Monday. Hope they make it ok.