Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 42--Friday July 29, 2011 On to Dolly Copp Campground

Last night, I thought I lost my Kindle!  It's had a tremendous amount of use this summer and is single handily responsible for helping Ed's back--he used to have to lug my large Tupperware pile of books to each campsite (remind me to tell you the story some day of the summer I thought Ed forgot to pack my books!!).

I had gone shopping and left Buddy inside the camper while Ed was hiking yesterday.  When I came in with loaded arms, I thought I tossed onto the seat all the electronic devices I spent a few hours recharging that Kindle included.  But later, when I went looking for it, I couldn't find it!  Ed & I talked about all the possibilities and verbally retraced the steps of where I was that afternoon.  We tore the camper apart because I was SURE I had brought it home with me.

Conway Public Library
After a long time looking with no success, I was resigned to the fact that I must have left it at the Conway Public Library.  I had no cell service to call and the library was already closed anyway.  Who knows whether or not it would still be around!  I was crushed.

I made dinner, cleaned up and then we played our nightly card game of Gin Rummy.  I was still bemoaning the loss of my beloved Kindle and how stupid I was when Ed got up and moved his backpack off the couch in our camper.  I couldn't believe it!  The Kindle was under there!  Both of us looked there twice.  The Kindle has a Monet colored 'skin' on it that blended in with the seat.  Stupid or not, I was thoroughly relieved!  I went to sleep grateful and relieved!

Moving day on Friday morning starts out sunny and comfortable. We are able to have breakfast before we leave for Dolly Copp CG since it is less then 2 hours away again. I can really get use to this slow paced moving days.  I guess we would never travel very far, though, if we only went less then 180 miles each time we moved!

We clean up and take down the camper in pretty good time.  We are beginning to have a rhythm to our packing.

The ride to Dolly Copp is easy.  We take a back road (since we didn't have to travel back to the Conway Library today) and then get on Route 16.  We pass Wildcat mountain where Ed loves to ski.  Then we pass Mt Washington Auto Road and finally get to Dolly Copp.  The campground is six miles before you get to the town of Gorham, NH.

We are there and set up before noon time.  It's much easier to B.I.T.C.H. when you aren't tired and cranky from driving a long distance!  This place is pretty rustic.  No dump station, no showers, no electricity, only poor bathrooms, BUT it has sporadic cell service so it has that going for it.

Our site is great.  It's on the corner of a loop, surrounded by trees but somewhat sunny above.  The town of Gorham is only 5 miles further down Rt 16.  We'll be here five nights.  This could work!

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