Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 45 and 46---Monday August 1, 2011 and Tuesday August 2, 2011 Days at Dolly Copp

Days are spent at the usual:  Ed goes on ever lengthening hikes while I go to the Library and food shopping.  It's a nice pattern.

In fact, on yesterdays hike, Ed met up with a nice couple, John and Barbara, who were also camping at Dolly Copp.  They stopped by our site to give Ed their e-mail address so he could forward a picture he took of them.  As we were talking, they mentioned that they were heading off to a lake house they own with her brother to finish their vacation.  Guess what?  It's on Pine River Pond....on the opposite side of Tom & Shelly's house!  Small world!

After they left we went on a sunset cruise to try to find an ice cream shop.  No such luck.  Although there is a Burger King, McDonald's and Pizza Hut in Gorham, there is no good ice cream shop.  Disappointing.  Then we came back to our usual card games.  I was losing this night and Ed was bemoaning the fact that at least I didn't score less then 100 when I lost.  I insisted he didn't either...he was just being a baby.  We made a bet.  If I lose, I make breakfast.  If he loses, he makes dinner.  When I checked the record book, he actually did lose a few games with scores under 100.  I lose and have to make breakfast.

I don't like to make breakfast.  That means I have to get out of bed sooner then Ed to get it started and I like to be lazy in the morning.  But a bet is a bet, so I made breakfast.

Mt. Washington Auto Road Entrance
After making and eating my 'crow' , on Monday morning we decide to play tourist and take the ride up the Mt. Washington Auto Road.  We had done that years ago, but the views are beautiful and it was a clear and sunny day.  As always the views are spectacular!  I don't look down, however, since I am somewhat height challenged.  I look out into the distance and it's really beautiful.  They give you a CD to listen to while making the ride that's very interesting.

Does this mean I can say I 'climbed' Mt. Washington?  

Tuesday is our last day in this area so Ed plans a hike that's a few miles long but lots of elevation.  It will be a challenge.  I drop him off at the trail head at Pinckham Notch.  It's a little cloudy in the distance but he's going anyway. 

Gorham Library
Good thing we had cell service.  Within five minutes of dropping him off, I got a call to pick him up.  The rangers had current weather reports that indicated hail, lightning and heavy rains were coming over the mountain within a half hour.  Not good to be hiking in that weather, so Ed came back to the campsite and played his guitar all afternoon, and I went to the library and wrote a couple days of Blogs.

It looked like the library was the place to be today.  Lots of locals took refuge on this rainy day along with me.  One local in particular was in the room where I was seated. He had taken off his shoes to be more comfortable and was walking around in his socks.  He had a one gallon jug of water next to him that he took a swig from every once in awhile along with a shopping bag filled with who knows what.  He realized I was a visitor after a while (is there a sign on me??), welcomed me  and began to give me tons of facts about the area, i.e. Gorham is the most populated town in this county, 90% of the residents on the other side of the river are bi-lingual, etc. He's lived here eight years and just loves it!  Small towns are so nice!

Tomorrow we are off to Lake Umbagog!

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