Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 44 Sunday July 31, 2011 LOVE that company!

Remember when I wrote the other day that I thought I had lost my Kindle?  Then I was relieved to have found it?  Well, that relief didn't last too long!

We finished playing cards last night (we're tied for the season at 32 games each) about 10:30 pm.  Ed took Buddy for a walk and I jumped into bed--literally.  I had thrown my Kindle onto the bed, pulled back the covers and then rolled in under them--right over my Kindle!  I went to open it, and it was clear the screen was cracked inside!  I could not open the Kindle and could not read any of the books I had in there!  How could I be so stupid!

It sure didn't feel like I would have been able to break it.  I didn't hear any crack or anything.  But it's fried.

On Sunday morning, I dropped Ed off at a Trail Head for his hike that day and decided to make the trek back to Conway.  I knew I had to get Internet access to find out if the Warrenty would cover this stupidity (I doubt it.) and if not, maybe Staples would be able to fix it.  They just started selling Kindles and they fix computers, so maybe?

While checking the web site, I read the Warrently and it looks like "neglect and misuse" are not covered, as suspected.  I went on the "Kindle Customer Service Q & A Forum" to see if anyone else had the problem.  Based on what I saw there I knew I was doomed and should probably just go buy another Kindle at Staples.  Before I did that, I decided to call the Customer Service department just in case.

I spoke to a very nice man, Brad, who after explaining my situation said I probably should not be too quick to blame myself.  "These things sometimes just happen".   After a review of my account and seeing that I just received my Kindle for Christmas, he said he would send me a new Kindle for FREE.  No penalty for stupidity!  I LOVE!!!!!!

My Kindle will be arriving in a few days, but since it has to be sent to my home address, I won't be able to get it till our daughter Pam comes up camping with the boys the last week in August.

I did mention I should start working on my Genealogy again, didn't I???? 

As I carful what you wish for.

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