Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 20 & 21 Wednesday July 6 thru Thursday July 7, 2011 Cobscook Bay Campground

The spot we are given here is site 115. It's awesome! Right on the water with just enough shade. 

When we arrived, the water was all the way to the banks below us. It looked like a great spot for Ed to put in his Kayak to go paddling around. As dinner finished, however, we realized that the tide goes out COMPLETELY and then comes back in completely! Ed took a time lapse movie of the water going in and out.  Unfortunately, I can't get it to work here.  Maybe I'll try posting it to FaceBook.  It's amazing.

With the tide going out, it smells as if we are living on the Marsh in Eastham. I never thought I liked the smell. I often wondered how my friend Elaine could build a beautiful home on the marsh and endure the odor. But actually, I kind of like it. It's got a fishy and earthy smell combined.
Cobscook Bay is the quietest place I have ever been.  It's not just the spacing of the campsites and the lack of lots of campers, it's in the air.  It's like having cotton in your ears at all times.  It is truly a peaceful place.

It helps, too, that the weather is beautiful! Sunny, breezy and warm. Not too hot. There are quite a few more mosquitoes here, though, then in Acadia. I am slathered up with bug spray since I really hate mosquitoes. I'm also staying inside my camper or screen house and enjoying the view from here at certain times of the day.
Lubec Memorial Library
The first morning here, Ed decides he's going for a bike ride and guess where I'm going...that's right. To the Library. The closest one is Lubec Memorial Library about 15 miles away. It's right before you take the bridge over to Canada to Roosevelt's Summer Home on Campobello Island. We went there a few years ago. It's really pretty.

This library is heavy into history and genealogy. There are pictures all over and a group of women scanning family pictures and talking about where their families lived (in town actually) 100 years ago. It doesn't appear to be a prosperous town. Many of the old homes on the way in on the main road are in need of much repair. As you get closer to the center of the town though, there are Bed & Breakfasts and some restaurant. Lots of Haves and Have Nots it seems.

On Thursday Ed wants to try Kayaking so we head back toward Machias and find a good size lake for him to fish. He actually catches 6 or 7 little fish but they were too small to bring home.

I head into Machias and go to the Porter Memorial Library for awhile. Beautiful stone building with a monument outside but pretty small inside. But they do have Internet and electricity. That's all I need!

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