Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 26--29 Tuesday July 12-Friday July 15 Lily Bay State Park, Maine

Tuesday July 12 is Moving Day!  We are off to Lily Bay State Park

Oh, no. We wake up to rain. While that would normally be my trigger to snuggle under the covers, we couldn't do that today. It's moving day and we have a long ride ahead of us.

By the time we got dressed and put away the inside stuff, the rain stopped. That's the good news!  The bad news is that the mosquitoes came out! They weren't terribly bad here all week but they must have wanted a good lunch before we left them.

We got on the road about 10 am or so. Our trip planner says it will be a little less the 5 hours of travel today. How can we go from one part of Maine to the other and still have it take 5 hours!!!? At least the ride is on nice roads. No major highways with super traffic. It's all on 2 lane, well paved roads thru lots of interesting little towns: Meddybemps, Holden, Herman, Corinna, Sangerville, Greenville. Then we see THE LAKE in front of us. Moosehead lake is HUGH!

With lunch and gas brake it was about 4 pm when we arrived at Lily Park SP. It's our first time here and we don't know what to expect. We are at site 19. Decent size. Lots of trees, but it seems a little dark...and there is no water view. Bummer.

Lily Lake view (not our picture!)
It is REALLY hot (and humid) as we set up. And its late and we are tired of driving. I think this is one of our longest drives this summer. I'm glad. I'm not a very good traveler:) We are able to B.I.T.C.H by 5 pm. I'm not at all hungry so we just veg for awhile. Then I start taking out more things to get settled while Ed walks Buddy around the campground. He comes back very excited. He insists I walk thru the woods. He says it's only a 100 feet or so. I reluctantly go and was rewarded. There is a very small stony beach looking west over the mountains at the end of the water--a little cove of Moosehead Lake. This could work as a sunset spot. OK now we don't feel so bad. And the birds! It's like being in a bird cage with all the singing going on.

On Wednesday, Ed takes Buddy for about a 4 mile walk..he says not really a hike. Buddy was thrilled to go. His heart is very willing despite having a body that is failing. But he comes back and is really pooped! We head down to our beach. There's a mama duck and 6 of her babies paddling by us. They don't even care that Buddy is there! And Buddy doesn't even smell them. He's out cold!

Weather on Wednesday, Thur and Friday is beautiful: sunny and warm. And then it clouds a little, drops come and they leave. My kind of rain.

Thursday night we went out for a sunset drive looking for Moose! We go north beyond where our camp site is. Not many cars up here. A few others are Moose hunting, but not many. We watch the full moon come up in the East over a pond that Ed thinks looks good for fishing on another day. On the way home, we see 1 moose, kind of in the woods --we found it since 3 or 4 other cars are pulled over--and 1 deer right in our campground.

The little town of Greenville is where I go for food shopping, laundry and Library for Internet. It's only about 15 minutes away which beats some of the other spots we have been in this summer! The Shaw Library is REALLY tiny. Every time I'm there it's standing room only for the Wireless users of the Internet. Their hours are short and the connection is really poor when they are closed and you have to connect from outside. But at least it's here:)
Shaw Library

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  1. Yes, we go to the Eastham Windmill Concerts. Our favorite is Chatham Chorale and the group called Crabgrass. We attended a free concert in North Carolina when we were down there and it was hilarious. Just like you said, people of all ages and they were thrilled. It was about 8 women doing classic hits of black women from the 60's and 70's. We're thinking Tina Turner and other great singers. Oh Boy, were we laughing. It was AWFUL but has provided some great stories for me to tell. Everything about them was funny and the singing was so bad.