Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 23 Saturday July 9, 2011 It's raining cats & dogs!

It's Saturday morning and it's raining hard. It's about 7:30 am and apparently it's been raining for a few hours. I'm ready to tunnel back under the covers and sleep thru it. Ed's not having any of it. He's been awake for awhile apparently and he wants to go out for breakfast. Okay....I just have to wake up first.

After an hour or so, we set out for a place Ed saw on his bike ride on Rt 1...the Cobscook Cafe in the town of Dennysville, ME. A truly locals Breakfast and Lunch joint. The whole restaurant is about the size of our living room. It reminds me of my Uncle's diner in New Jersey..Dot's Lunch. We sit at a table with other diners. Food was good. Ed was going to order 3 Blueberry pancakes till they convinced him they were really large. So he ordered two of them. Boy were they right. They filled the plate!

After breakfast, it was still raining so we drove around to take a little look at this little town.  I'm not sure we ever saw a center and there were certainly no businesses there. How do people survive up here?

Then while we were out we went in search of Internet. We found Pembrook Library and spent a few hours charging equipment and sending and receiving e-mail. They were having a Bake and Plant sale. On the way back, we stopped at Cappuccino Gallery in Pembroke, ME on Rt 1. The outside was a little sketchy but they advertised Lobster Rolls. I decided we should do taste tests for Lobster Rolls throughout Maine so we went in. What a surprise the inside was. Modern, clean lines, and lovely cafe type furniture. And to top it off, it was an art gallery! Lots of paintings, pictures stretched into enlarged canvas frames and carved birds. Very nice. We took our lobster rolls home to have later perhaps as 'Lunner'.

We came back to the camper and the weather had cleared but was undecided about raining some more.  We both took naps.  Now I know why we stay is unpopulated campgrounds--we would wake people up next to us with our snoring:)

It was a lazy rest of the day with reading and naping.  I'll save laundry for tomorrow!

The scores for our Gin Rummy card game is:  Ed 19, Nancy 17...we had been very democratic until recently when Ed pulled ahead the other night!

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