Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 19 Tuesday July 5, 2011 Moving on to Cobscook Bay near Lubec, Maine

We didn't really rush today. It's only a 3 hour ride to the next stop and we have reservations. It surprisingly did not rain last night and the sun is shining today. The ride is up Rt 1 and not very busy. These are all towns we have gone thru at least 3 times before. We have camped in Maine a lot since we've been retired. Either to camp in Maine on purpose or on our way into Nova Scotia. It's a favorite for both of us.

We stop around noon at a local restaurant in Machias--The Thirsty Moose (they're on Facebook!  Who knew!). Asphalt tiles, pool tables, and lots of quaint type pictures on the wall. Food was good though. We take our time and get to Cobscook Bay State Park at about 4 pm. We have reservations, although we were hoping to get 'our spot'--campsite 29! It's the most perfect camp spot. It is not a reservable site, so we'll see if it's still available.

The area along the way certainly hasn't gotten much more developed then the last time we were here. We went through Jonesboro, Columbia Falls and Machias. Machias is about the only built up town along Rt 1 in this part of Maine. We stopped at the Hannafords in town after having lunch to fill in some rations we were low on. There's a little grocery store in Lubec where I go to the Library but it's not well stocked.

Ed went into the Ranger Station to confirm our reservation.  He found out Campsite 29 is already taken.  Bummer!  The ranger, however, thought the site we reserved was too small for us, so he suggested site 115.  It's down about a mile of service road--hard pack and gravel.  We pulled in and wow!  We thought 29 was a good one!  This is primo! So sometimes, what you wish for is not always the best:)

Is that the best view, or what!!!

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