Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 24 & 25 Sunday July 10 Boring Laundry day and Monday July 11, 2011 Great day at Quoddy Light House in Lubec, ME

Sunday July 10, 2011:
I get to the town of Machias one more time to do our Laundry (and get e-mail!).  It's really just our sheets that HAVE to be washed once a week.  We seem to have the right amount of underwear and clothes to survive longer.  I just use it as my excuse:)

West Quoddy Lighthouse

Monday July 11, 2011:
Today is our last day in the Cobscook Bay area. The weather is sunny, somewhat warm, with a few clouds. We decide to go visit the West Quoddy Light House in Lubec. I go into Lubec almost every day but we have never taken the detour to visit the Light House.

By the time we got there, fog had rolled in pretty thick. Looks like Ed won't be able to get many good pictures today. The fog horn was blowing every 20 seconds. It reminded me of the bell we had in Cape Cod Bay up until about 15 years ago. How I miss the sound of that bell!  It was melancholy and comforting at the same time! I wonder if it could be brought back?  What if I established a non profit and rallied the Eastham residents?  Do you think I could do it?

After our trip to the Light House, we headed to the center of town for e-mail and recharging of all things electrical . Ed took Buddy for a walk around town. When I finished, I met up with them and we walked the main street. It actually looked a little better then last time we were here a few years ago. Many of the buildings are still deserted, but some of them are being fixed up.

We stopped at Cohill's Inn for lunch on their new 2nd floor outside deck. (I'm having trouble getting more then one picture onto my Blog posting which is why I am adding links for you to click and see what I see!--Chris G.--What am I doing wrong???)  Cohill's sits at the end of the street facing over the pier. Good views of the water. This place has been here quite awhile. Even thru all the depressed times, it's always open. The upstairs deck is new this summer, though. Good choice.   Views are great and there's only one other patron plus the bartender. I had another Lobster Roll. (this ranks 2nd). The female patron up there was from Plymouth. She has a second home here in Lubec---the bank right accross from the restaurant! How cool is that to live in a Bank?! Her brother had a place up here on the main street so when the bank came up for sale, she decided to redecorate it into her home. She's converting the vault in the basement into her wine cellar!

The Bartender was a hoot!  He looked like Lance Armstrong--about that age and build--but said he was 'just Glen'. Glen doesn't have a home. He kayaked up the East Coast from Key West Florida. Since his equipment needed some repairs, he decided to stay in Lubec for the summer and earn some money! His blog can be found here.  In his background info, he says he is living the "journey of Spiritual discovery and Life Simplification, through writing, speaking and photographing my adventures."  He's a very cool and interesting guy!

Great way to end this leg of our journey! 

We are off the  Moosehead Lake area!  God's country.

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  1. It was a pleasure meeting you as well. I am glad you enjoyed the deck, the lobster roll and the views. Safe Travels, Glenn