Saturday, July 16, 2011

Friday night July 15, 2011 Concert on the Green

What a neat idea!  Why didn't we think of doing this before!?

While in town getting my Internet fix, I saw the sign at the Village Green (next to Moosehead Marine Museum) announcing a Concert at the Town Gazebo starting at 7 pm.  I went back to see if Ed wanted to go.  He said he was game so we finished dinner early and headed to town.

What a perfect location!  Right on the edge of the Moosehead Lake overlooking beautiful mountains.  Weather is a perfect temperature!  There are about 100 people here.   All ages.  Old, young and families.  The music tonight is Blue Grass from the Back Porch Bluegrass group.  They played for 2 hours!  It was fun.  Buddy even met a Black Lab puppy that he really liked!

That got me to wondering:  How many of you go to Band Concerts in your town during the summer?  I know Eastham has them. 

How about it:  Linda & Keith, Kathy, Kmeaghan, Pam, Bonnie, Peg?  Do any of you go?  I know the boys would love it!

How about in Franklin:  Nicki & Steve, Chuck?  Have any of you gone?

What about Holliston?  Janet, Eddie.  Do you go?

Post me a comment.  I would love to hear if you like the summertime concerts in your area.

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  1. Holliston runs a great Tuesday night concert series at Goodwill Park. Lara really loved the a capella group last year and we went back again this year. A young HS girl went up and sang a popular song so she was impressed!