Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 3 Monday June 20, 2011 Happy 5th Birthday, Logan!

What Gorgeous weather!!

We slept in today. It was 9 am before we woke up to see beautiful blue skies and crisp 70 degree weather. Even Buddy slept in. I guess he likes this relaxed style of living, too.

We had a nice breakfast this morning and continued reading yesterday's paper.  By about 11 am Ed decided to take Buddy for his first 'hike'. Yesterday, Ed took a walk around the State Park grounds for about a mile and Ed seems to think that's a good length for Buddy. Yesterday, though, Ed fell while going on his walk in the woods. He went to climb over some fallen limbs and didn't get his leg up high enough and took a hard fall. He was hurting last night. Maybe bruised a rib and he's still a little sore today. We'll see how they do.

I'm off to Freeport to find Internet access. We have sporatic Cell service in the campground which is a good thing since Jean called yesterday to say the dog who our renters brought with them for the week had been barking all day. I couldn't reach them until last evening and they hopefully have a solution so this doesn't continue. Eastham has an ordinance on dog barking so I'm hoping my neighbors and friends don't have to put up with that for too long. I am anxious to ensure things are all right by sending and receiving e-mail. Then I'll go to the supermarket for a more thorough food shopping today.

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