Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Days 8 & 9 Sunday June 26, 2011 And the rain continues!

First of all, an apology is necessary to my grandson, Logan. He turned 6 last week...not 5. Of course Grammy knew that. I must have had a senior moment. Sorry Logan!

I avoided writing for a few days. It rained from Wednesday night thru Saturday night. Then Sunday was dry but grey. Grey is really the problem. I find the color soothing in decorating but not in living. Ed can't really do his hiking or biking or fishing and it gets a little crowded in the camper. They say our Jayco camper is made for 6 to 8 people. I don't see it! They might mean if everyone is laying down, there is sleeping space for that many, but we both can't even get dressed at the same time in the morning. I spent at least two of those rainy days in the Freeport Library. I find that libraries are a great resource while camping. They are typically bright and cheerful They are always dry and they have Internet. What's not to like?

The rain gave me a chance to read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot which Dorothy Robinson recommended. I'd highly recommend it. Ed was familiar with the topic. Henrietta's cells were taken in the 50's--without her knowledge or consent-- and have been replicated into billions to be used in labs to find cures for lots of diseases. They are called HeLa cells. The topic is pretty thought provoking. I'm still not sure where I stand.

Sunday the rain stopped. After heading out for my required newspaper, Ed wanted to go fishing so Buddy and I joined him on the bank of a river. Across the way, a little boy was fishing with his Dad. He pulled in maybe 4 nice size fish. He was very excited! Ed wasn't as lucky. He was trying out new types of bait (that's what he told me anyway) and the fish didn't enjoy that.

Monday promises to clear up.

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