Friday, June 24, 2011

Days 6 & 7 Friday June 24, 2011 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CARRIE!!

It's happened!  And sooner then I expected!  I have Writers Block!

What can I possible write about while camping in 2 and 1/2 days of rain? Nothing. 

I am in the Freeport Public Library for another 4 hours today.  Ed didn't come with me this time.  Downloads are too slow for him.  He'd rather stay back at the soggy campground and read.  Go figure!  We already tried shopping in Freeport yesterday.  Neither of us likes to shop although Ed likes to browse much more then I do.

I think having a Blog to share summer experiences is causing some stress in my life.  I dreamt all night that I wrote a witty Blog entry about having Writers Block!  You all loved it and gave me lots of praise.  I also dreamt that I was given a prize for it.  When I went up to receive my prize, I was much younger then 62, much thinner and had no grey hair!  That's when I knew I was dreaming.

So for now, just know we are dry and a bit bored!  We've heard the sun will be out maybe on Sunday!

Scores:  Backgammon:  Ed 0, Nancy 1       Gin Rummy:  Ed 2, Nancy  3

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