Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 11 Tuesday June 28, 2011 It's Moving Day! We're off to Acadia National Park, Maine!

Tuesday---Moving day--we're off to Blackwoods Campground  in Acadia National Park, just 15 minutes outside of Bar Harbor, ME.

It's a beautiful morning: sunny and clear. This is our first actual put down after nesting together for a week. We are still learning where things are stowed while we travel. I've complained a bit about how this camper does not have as good storage as our Coleman camper did. And while I liked the type of storage (shelves, pull downs etc) in the Coleman, this one probably has more overall storage. We just have to devise our own organization. So it took us a little longer to figure it out today then usual. Everything is packed into the camper and things are not crowded at all. Buddy even has more room in the car and likes this new arrangement.

We fill up the gas tank. The cost is $3.65 a gallon. Gotta love Maine! What's the price now on Cape Cod???

Our trip to Bar Harbor should be a little over 3 hours. We decide to take the somewhat scenic route 3 instead of Rt 95. Basically Rt 3 has no traffic, passes lots of lakes and goes through some little (and somewhat forgotten) New England towns. We pass lots of very old, little cemeteries on this route, too. As we travel, however, it appears we are moving back to rain. I sure hope not.

I wonder if Lupines are Maine's State flower? There were tons of them on Monhegan Island, and now on Rt 3 we are passing beautiful clumps of blue wild Lupines--seemingly wild-- on the side of the road. They seem to be everywhere up here but I remember never being able to grow them very well when we lived in Holliston!

We travel thru the 'island' of Verona, ME that has a bridge like the Zakim bridge in Boston. Only the huge white ropes are in the middle of the bridge instead of on the outside. Different!

We stop for lunch at Friendly's since we are hungry and we need our Internet fix.  We are heading to an area in Maine that notoriously has terrible cell service.  We're hoping if our renters need to reach us, that they will use the Internet.  I know I will travel everyday to find that!

Although it's cloudy when we arrive, it doesn't rain.  It's actually quite comfortable and in the 70's.  It takes us some time to set up, but we'll be at this campsite for 7 nights.  Ed made a wise decision when he made the arrangements this year.  Settling into one site for an extended period of time really makes the camping very relaxing.  We're not in any hurry to get anywhere this year (like we were in our trip last year).  We have been to many of these parts of Maine before so they are almost familiar and comfortable.

Time to read another book!


  1. What is the new book? I have lots of suggestions from serious to silly and hope that you will be reading and enjoying sunshine. Gorgeous day at the Cape. Now that I have picked up fresh veggies from the farmers market, I too may get to read. Have you read Pale Battalions (Robert Goddard), Devil in the White City (Eric Larson), Years of Wonder (Geraldine Brooks)? Happy camping. Dorothy

  2. Nancy A. DanielsJune 30, 2011 at 1:16 PM

    The book is The Post Mistress by Sarah Blake. The jury is still out. I'm getting caught up in her setting the book in Franklin, Ma but it is set right on the end of Cape Cod! We used to live near Franklin and it's in MetroWest MA! Once I get over that I should be fine.