Monday, September 5, 2011

Days 76-79 Wednesday Aug 31 thru Saturday September 3, 2011 He's an AWESOME Grandpa!

The kids, and Grandpa, are having an AWESOME time!  He is SUCH a good Grandpa!  They go hiking, fishing, kayaking, swimming, and boating among other things!  Everyone is in such a good mood!  Everyone is relaxed and just enjoying ourselves.

We have campfires each night with So'm More's.  Everyone pitches in doing dishes and the boys go to bed without real complaints.

On Thursday Uncle Doug called to see what we were doing.  He was coming to his house in Moultonboro on Thursday night.  We invite him for dinner since we know it's going to be a long ride with the Labor Day traffic. 

We have American Chop Suey for dinner and hang around and chat.  On Friday he was hoping we could go out on his pontoon boat.  You don't have to ask us twice!  Everyone was very excited!

Uncle Doug's lake house is only 8 minutes from where we're staying.  We spent Friday on the Lake with Uncle Doug.  He'll make a great Grandpa, too!  He's so patient and really seems to like playing with the boys.  He even lets them drive his boat!  He's a big hit.

We spend the whole day on the boat, have dinner there and then they try 'Can't miss cove' for one more sunset fishing cruise.  And true to it's name, everyone catches fish, so it's the perfect ending to a perfect day!

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  1. sounds like a perfect ending to your summer!