Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 73 Sunday August 28, 2011 It's raining cats and dogs!

We wake up Sunday morning to the wind blowing!  The lake outside looks like an angry ocean on Cape Cod!  Lots of white caps.  And the trees are swaying with lots of wind.  Probably a consistant 20-30 mph with lots of gusts all day.

And the rain!  Looks like a wall of rain at times that you can see coming at you in waves over the lake.  Very cool looking while inside!  Not something you want to be in.

Towards noon, it's clear that the boats left in the water were a mistake.  A neighbor comes over looking for help on trying to bring another neighbors boat to shore.  This is a great group of caring people!  Soon there were five neighbors and Tom, Louise and Ed all in their raincoats going from one boat to another to get them safe.  Then since the water was churning up quite a bit, they decide to take up their two docks.  It was quite an adventure.

Then we heard a roaring SNAP!  A tree has snapped in half and fell on Tom's boat and hit the roof of Louise's dad's house!  Now, real teamwork happened.  It was just amazing.  Everyone rallied around to remove branches that we could and we tried to move the boat.  No luck.  One of the neighbors is in excavating and had his equipment with him! He used a backhoe to hold up one end of the tree trunk (about a foot and a half in diametor!) to take the pressure off the limbs overhanging the boat.  Then they used a chainsaw to saw that limb.  Then everyone pushed out the trailer and got the boat to safety.  Miraculously, it doesn't look damaged...just scraped!

Another group got tarps and covered the hole in the roof of the house. 

They spent the next few hours cutting up the limbs of the trees, piling up the debris, and assessing the damage.  All this in torential downpours!

I feel so bad for Tom and Louise!  What stress!

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