Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 74 & 75 Monday August 29 & Tuesday August 30, 2011 I wonder if we can go back to Covered Bridge?

Tom & Louise left to go back to work and are graciously letting us stay here till the Covered Bridge campground reopens.  We have a reservation for a week starting today.  It's our last reservation!

The weather is beautiful.  Sunny, clear and calm.  Isn't that always the way after a big storm!

We haven't received any notices from ReserveAmerica, so we are checking the New Hampshire web sites and watching the news.  It does NOT look good.  Looks like the Conway/Bartlett area took a big hit!  The Kancamagus Highway is CLOSED!  Can you imagine?  Roads and bridges are washed out around Conway. 

Covered Bridge Campground is closed until further notice!  We have to tell Pam to wait one more day before coming to join us.  If the campground does not reopen, we'll look for another one to go to.  With the White Mountain National Forest closed until further notice, it looks like we have to try a private campground.  Bummer...but better then nothing!

View of the lake from the main road of the campground
Tuesday morning comes.  Still not opened.  We decide to go to Long Island Bridge Campground in Moultonboro, NH.  It' s right on Lake Winnipesaukee.  It has la lot of seasonal trailers parked close to each other, but we got a section of the wooded area so we can't even see the trailers from our campsite!  This will work.

We get here before Pam and the boys arrive so we can be set up and relaxed and can just welcome them to camping.  They were so excited to go camping with 'Grandpa' that it would have been a shame if we couldn't make it work!

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